System Function Update

The WAN Repeater System has a new Hub server, and new Hub node number.  For several months our primary hub for the WAN Repeater System was 27266 located in Sheffield Pennsylvania. This evening, Kevin РW3KKC installed a new rack mounted server in the NOC at WestPAnet, Inc. in Warren Pennsylvania.

The hub has a new four digit number that is easy to remember, especially if you are a radio geek like many of our team. AllStar nodes not fully ‘migrated’ as of January 31st lost their assignments, and node number 2135 became available. Scott – N3XCC sent in a request for 2135, which I followed up with another personal request to Duuuude (Jim Dixon). Many of us are Motorola enthusiasts, and the number 2135 is significant – it’s the number for the key for almost every Motorola two-way mobile radio made since the tube days. Radios like the Motrac, Motran, MICOR, Mitrek, Maratrac, Syntor, and Spectra. The 2135 also fits the MICOR, MSR, and MSF series Stations as well as PURC and PURC5000. With this addition, we will maintain a quality server capable of many concurrent connections, optically delivered fail over WAN/Internet, UPS and generator backed electrical power.

Kevin Custer  WJ8G