WAN Basic Rules and Operating Practices posted June 27, 2013 REVISED March 2, 2015  (some clarification)

Please do NOT connect the WIN System to the WAN System.  On rare occasions this is done by an authorized WAN Core member for special events.   We have plenty connected to have fun with.  Enjoy!!!

As many of you know we the WAN core membership prides ourselves on the fact we operate this system with very few rules or policies and to date we have not had to BAN or WARN too many malicious operators.  This systems audio is recorded full time and that has helped us to resolve issues that we have had.

For the most part this is a full duplex system however there is a need for a few second pause between transmissions to allow all the links and nodes to drop from time to time. This practice will help to avoid repeater time out.

This system operates in compliance with the FCC Rules and Regulations and we simply expect each operator to follow the appropriate FCC Rules and Regulations.  We also expect each operator to use the system in accordance with good amateur practices.  This is a hobby we are here to help if you have any questions.  You may reach the core members at 2135@wanrepeater.net   New hams welcomed…

Please use amateur radio plain English and leave the 11 meter lingo on 11 meters.


In accordance with good amateur practice “Kerchunking” (keying a repeater to see if you are hitting it) is discouraged.  The preferred method is to verify your frequency, settings, and PL tone, then key up, ID with your call sign, and say testing.   If you wish for someone to reply, then you might want to key up, ID with your call sign and ask for a radio test from any other operator.

Echolink, D-Star, and IRLP

Please visit our Echolink & WANRS page for full detail on this subject.  Unauthorized IRLP, and Echolink connections are not allowed.  We do host an Echolink node 27700 W3WAN-R 624298 where you can set schedules to hold QSO’s.

Rag chewing

It is our desire for everyone to have fun and enjoy the system.  We would like for conversations that are not an authorized scheduled NET, lasting more than 10 minutes, to take a pause and ask if anyone needs the system.  If you do not receive a request to use the system then carry on and have fun.  A basic rule to try would be, when you feel its time to state your “every 10 minute ID” maybe then ask if anyone needs to use the system.

Traffic Cops

Thank you but we do not need a bunch of traffic cops.  If you hear traffic that you feel should not be heard on the WAN System then simply e-mail the Core Members at 2135@wanrepeater.net and the issue will be dealt with as the WAN Core Members deem needed.  Please DO NOT engage anyone on the air in an effort to police WAN operations.

On a personal note: I think with the system so large when you key up, ID and say listening or monitoring, maybe you want to state if you wish for a reply or not.  I often call “listening for any Johnstown, PA operators” hoping one of my friends is on.  This is just my two cents worth.  Please feel free to post your own comments on our Facebook page.

On behalf of the WAN Core Membership please enjoy the system and feel free to ask questions.
73  Tom K3WS


For Current Connections to EchoLink node 624298 W3WAN-R
(click link) WAN-RS Echolink Hub Node 27700

EchoLink connections allowed at WAN-RS Node 27700 only!
AllStar Node 27700 is Echolink Node 624298
Please set up your EchoLink connections and calls on 27700 which is off of the main WAN hub.
Below you will see full detail on our EchoLink use policy.

April 13, 2012

It is the decision of the core members of WAN that we totally disallow EchoLink, D-Star, and IRLP connections on the WAN Repeater System effective immediately.  This decision was the result of over a years worth of testing, modifying our operations to accommodate EchoLink, using access lists, and offering a reasonable amount of education for the EchoLink end user.

After considerable work, failure, and thought, EchoLink is being replaced with AllStar’s WebTransceiver functionality.  The WebTransceiver is a better interface for our system because it is an integral part of AllStar.  It works and works well because it was designed to do so.

So, why are we no longer participating in EchoLink where WAN is concerned?  Here are the reasons:

  • First, low audio quality.  EchoLink is sampled at a lower rate – resulting in sub-standard audio quality.
  • Second, it is not duplex.  Folks can’t easily break-in with a simplex system.
  • Third, the connect and disconnect messages (one right after the other) gets in the way of good traffic.
  • Lastly, we cannot (easily) tell who is connected.

Node 27700 W3WAN-R hosted by K3WS will remain active but not normally connected to WAN-RS unless needed by a WAN-RS core member for a specific purpose.

Independent AllStar nodes are still welcome to connect to the WAN system via 2135 but you must disallow EchoLink connections.

In place of EchoLink on WANRS, we offer the AllStar WebTransceiver Node 2125.  To use the WebTransceiver, please establish a (free) account at AllStar and use the Web Transceiver Portal available from your browser. It’s much simpler, and the audio conforms to our standards.  There are NO port forwarding issues, the audio is great!  http://www.allstarlink.org

As always, good amateur practices are expected.  We record and monitor the system 24/7.

We strongly encourage use of AllStar and will offer assistance as we can.  Here are places to start with to set up your own AllStar Node or WebTransceiver:

Kevin Custer – W3KKC
WAN System Engineer

Please visit AllStarLink.org for detail on the AllStar Web-Transceiver and how to use it.  Our node is 2125.  Enjoy!  This is the best way to connect to WAN using your computer and registration is easy.
Contact us:   2135@wanrepeater.net If you have any questions.


FCC Part 97.205 (e) states “limiting the use of a repeater to only certain user stations is permissible.” There is no rule which requires a repeater owner or trustee to let everyone use it.

Those who do not follow FCC rules and the rules set forth by The Wide Area Network Repeater System (WAN-RS) Core members will be warned or banned from using WAN-RS and may be subject to FCC enforcement action.

When banned or warned, individuals are NOT authorized to use Any WAN-RS Repeater, Simplex Node, AllStar Node, EchoLink Node, IRLP Connection, VoIP, Connection, or any other type of connection to the Wide Area Network Repeater System.

As a valid user you are advised not to hold a QSO or acknowledge anyone banned from WAN-RS. We also ask that you do not acknowledge any individuals jamming the system. The system is fully monitored by many sources and control operators.

Please do report any suspicious activity to: 2135@wanrepeater.net

Listing of Banned or warned individuals:

KC3HR a.k.a N3HFB         Tony – Cherrytree, PA BANNED*