Node 27470 – K3EMM – 442.925+ PL 186.2 was installed

On Sunday June 5, 2011, Node 27470 – K3EMM – 442.925+ PL 186.2 was installed on the National City Bank building in downtown Warren Pennsylvania and added to the WAN Repeater System full time.

The repeater is a 25 Watt Vertex VXR5000 that Kevin and Scott wired a fob to the weekend prior.  The fob is connected to an accessory plug/jack that when disconnected allows the repeater to work stand-alone if necessary.  The WAN Ethernet connection is a fiber delivered 100 Mbps link using Unicom fiber media converters fed from the WAN-RS switch located in the WestPAnet NOC.

The repeater callsign, K3EMM, was selected to compliment Elaine Bailey, partner of WestPAnet, Inc.  Elaine passed her exam a few weeks ago and recently received her vanity callsign.  WestPAnet is a major contributor of connectivity supporting the WAN Repeater System.

Kevin Custer – WJ8G