It is the decision of the core members of WANRS that we totally disallow EchoLink and D-Star connections on the WAN Repeater System effective immediately.  This decision was the result of over a years worth of testing, modifying our operations to accommodate EchoLink, using access lists, and offering a reasonable amount of education for the EchoLink end user.  After considerable work, failure, and thought, EchoLink is being replaced with AllStar’s WebTransceiver functionality.  The WebTransceiver is a better interface for our system because it is an integral part of AllStar.  It works and works well because it was designed to do so.

So, why are we no longer participating in EchoLink where WAN is concerned?  Here are the reasons:

  • First, low audio quality.  EchoLink is sampled at a lower rate – resulting in sub-standard audio quality.
  • Second, it is not duplex.  Folks can’t easily break-in with a simplex system.
  • Third, the connect and disconnect messages (one right after the other) gets in the way of good traffic.
  • D-Star is simply not up to par in regards to audio quality and there is simply too much R-2-D2 right now.
  • Lastly, we cannot (easily) tell who is connected.

Node 27700 W3WAN-R hosted by K3WS will remain active but not normally connected to WAN-RS unless needed by a core member for a specific purpose.

Independent AllStar nodes are still welcome to connect but you must disallow EchoLink connections.

Node 27657 using W3WAN-L will be off line effective April 10, 2012  (this was the unrestricted node)  We offer in its place the AllStar WebTransceiver Node 2125.  To use the WebTransceiver, please establish a (free) account at AllStar and use the WebTransceiver Portal available from your browser. It’s much simpler, and the audio conforms to our standards.  There are NO port forwarding issues, the audio is great!

As always, good amateur practices are expected.  We record and monitor the system 24/7.

We strongly encourage use of AllStar and will offer assistance as we can.  Here are places to start with to set up your own AllStar Node or WebTransceiver:

Kevin Custer – W3KKC
WAN System Engineer

Edited Tom Brew K3WS 3/2/2015